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Roadtrip to Óbidos

Last week I had the pleasant visit of my parents and we had a little roadtrip to the beautiful portuguese village of Óbidos. It's so cozy and beautiful, and it has the castle so it's always a plus. For me it is a special fortification, because Óbidos has been nicknamed "Vila das Rainhas" - Town of the Queens - because in 1210 King Afonso II gave the castle as a present to his wife, Queen Urraca. Since then the town has been patronized by the Queens of Portugal. Anyway, here's some photos to mark the day.

While I was driving, I drove by this amazing ruins so I had to park the car and run over to take some photos of it. It looks like that it was supposed to be a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients, in 1910, but it was never finished. Locals often call it "palace" or "castle". it sure looks like it. It's called "Albergaria Grandela".

Also on the way, we stopped at Torres Novas to rest a little. I wish I took more photos, though.

Óbidos! (that's my car, forever alone)

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