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Carolina & Philipe - 17 May 2014

Do you still remember my friends Carolina and Philippe, the engaged couple I photographed last year? They got married a few weeks ago and I was the chosen one to photograph the most important day of their lives!

I want to thank Carolina or being one of my best friends and for trusting in my skills on such an important task. She is amazing and I am sincerely happy for my friend, for marrying the man of her dreams. 
The wedding was gorgeous and so much fun! She is the first friend me and our girl-friends see getting married so it was extremely emotional for our little groups of gals. It was a very special gathering, since we are all dispersed in different cities.

Look at the beautiful photos listening to this:

So here it is: the wedding of Carolina and Philippe, in the beautiful Terceira, Azores.

And here we are, the girls. Over 10 years of friendship, some even since childhood, we might take months before we talk again, but we know we have each other in mind and hearts. This is a special photo.

5 comentários:

  1. Maravilhoso!!! Parabéns Marta!! Beijos aos lindos noivos!

  2. Que fotos maravilhosa, parecem tirados de um filme :)
    Parabéns! Se eu já era fã, ainda fiquei mais!!

    Boa semana :)


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