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"गर्मियों संग्रह - Summer Collection" for Despe&Veste

And it's FINALLY here! The beautiful Summer Collection, by Despe&Veste, as usual. It's always a pleasure to work with these ladies. 

It was a very special photoshoot: first time using three models, first time working with one of the models and first time working with a makeup artist! It was beautiful, you girls lightened up my summer with these beautiful photos. The location was also breathtaking; it was pretty hard to get to that beach in Sesimbra since it was a very natural trail, not many people go there. But it was worth the effort, I can't to go back there.

Styling: Despe&Veste
Models: Claudia Ribeiro, Inês and Raquel Martins (yup, sisters and both beautiful)
Makeup artist: Renata Vieira - MAKE(ME)UP

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  1. Ficou simplesmente perfeita! Adorei todas as fotografias, super inspiradoras ao mesmo tempo, bom trabalho!
    Millions Of Diamonds


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