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A shy girl - Vanessa

Meet Vanessa. Vanessa first contacted me because she wanted some pictures not for social media, not for a boyfriend or family, but for her only. She wanted the experience of a photoshoot and she chose me for the occasion. She told me she was very uncomfortable in front of a camera and I guaranteed her I would make her feel natural and beautiful.

I asked my dear friend Sara who just had her Professional Makeup diploma to help and join the team, and she did a wonderful job in enhancing the beautiful Vanessa's doll features. 

In the end, while looking into the photos so she could take a glimpse on how good she did she said "I can't believe this is me... I am falling in love with me!"
That was the most satisfying thing from the day, knowing I did a good job in changing someone's perspective of herself. I love what I do.

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