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Salaam Morocco - First impression in Marrake

Morocco. A land rich in magic, people, more magic and color. I never thought I would get this fascinated over such a different country, but I did.
Morocco is just beautiful and it has so much to see that I could stay there a few more weeks if I could. The mint tea, the smell, the Souks, the medinas, the food! I know that it is not a place for everyone to visit, you have to be very open minded and with a sense of big respect for this culture. I have the bug of adventure in me, so I was open for everything. It is always a culture shock, but I get easily over that.

We landed in Tanger, to catch the night train to Marrakesh. It looks like this train is very known and kind of historical also. It was an experience, I can't say it was a good one though, but I am glad we did it.

Marrakesh was so much fun! It was were we had the first impression on how the country works and how to enjoy the culture. I was a little apprehensive because I knew about the tourist scams, I read about it all over the internet but I quickly got over it and tried to relax a little and enjoy Morocco. I just had to be cautious, just like anywhere else. I suggest you to do the same if you ever go to Morocco. Just stop worrying, and if they will try to take you somewhere or do anything, just relax, say no, and enjoy.

4 days in Marrakesh and it was more than enough. We only stayed there that long because we booked a 3 day tour, ending on the desert, and the days had to match our stay in the desert hotel we previously booked.

Anyway... photos!


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