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London - Kensington Palace

Ahh the beautiful Kensington Palace! There is too much I'd like to say about this House. I've been wanting to visit this one since I came across with Queen Victoria's story, and what a great monarch she was. Victoria was the first monarch in the British history to achieve the Diamond Jubilee actually, and she was well beloved
by the English people. This 17th house was built by William III and Mary II, and it was Victoria’s childhood home, until she was crowned queen.

It’s a palace full of stories, well decorated with the romantic touch inspired by Victoria’s life and it’s all so well preserved! Thank goodness I was able to photograph, and I would stay there forever because it was a sea of inspiration for me once I got inside.

It was also Princess Diana’s official residence and the current Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, even though they moved into a more private apartment.

So here it is, the Kensington Palace.

The Round Pound, in front of the Palace. I never thought it was this huge!

This Victoria's statue, in her Coronation robes, was sculpted by her daugher Princess Louise, but some claim that it was actually her tutor Joseph Edgar Boehm the true creator. Either way, it's majestic!

Transcriptions from her diary were all over the walls of her appartments. I had to read them all.

Victoria's wedding dress.

Let me tell you this... Queen Victoria and her husband Albert were both great art collectors. They would ask for unique pieces of art so they could give to each other. Sculptures, paintings, even theatre. This is a particular painting, because it portrays Victoria in a seductive, sexual way, as a gift to her beloved husband. There are not many paintings of monarchs showing this private side, is there? I think it's stunning.

This installation is inspired by the song birds that Mary kept in the gallery om velvet-trimmed cages.

This strange object in the centre os the room is a clock, a music box that plays Hendel and an artwork to boot.

Memories to be kept forever. ♥

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