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London - Somerset House and City of Westminster

This was the first house I saw, right in the first day we landed in the UK. The Somerset House is amazing! I only wanted to see the outside, because of how beautiful it's arquitecture is, and it was the main scenery of "The Duchess" movie so yeah, I had to check it out. It was also many monarchs home. The young Edward VI and princess Elizabeth is among them. It was also the main home for some queens regent, including the portuguese Catarina de Bragança.

All set now! I promisse I won't bore you with historical facts, just some curious learnings about the places, because once you know at least a little about the places, the more beautiful they become. At least for me it works that way... Enjoy.

This is St. Mary le Strand Church, close to the Somerset House.

 Like a Sir!


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