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Self portrait - Inside sessions

As a photographer, I keep creating and developing the look of my own work. Over the years I created my own techniques and actions on editing programs, such as Photoshop and Lightroom so it is easier for me to work on the post-processing. Very recently I found out that there is an amazing Photoshop pluggin called Alien Skin, a software with a different range of tools that really makes it easier to edit. There is a whole series of presets, pretty much like actions, but then you can manage the tones, the grain, the contrasts, and so and so. I got the Exposure, which works with the tones, blacks, whites... pretty much what I used to work on, but very intuitive and helpful. I'm satisfied. Besides, it helps creating the soft film look I adore.

Here's how it works. After you install the new pluggin, open your image on Photoshop and go to Filter - Alien Skin - Exposure. As you can see, I also got Snap Art, but all I need is Exposure. 

The the Exposure window will open and VOILÀ! magic happens. It is very easy to work with. you choose on the left (red circle) the option that fits your ideia the most and then you can change the tones and other options on the right. Pretty easy and simple.

With that being said, I decided to try it as an excuse to take new portraits of me with my new haircut. I spent hours trying working on so many options that I could not decide. Color, black and white, sepia... so many types. The color ones were my favorite.
It was also a nice excuse to work on some lightning techniques. I love how I keep learning everyday, wether it's about a new software or a new tool. I love photography and I love being self taught.

Here is the final result! Color with the touch of 90's film. I also decided this will be a new service I want to provide: timeless portraiture. Sue Bryce really inspires me on that. (Pardon the crappy quality, the resizing made that happen.)

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