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My Birthday in Fez - Exploring the old city

After the Sahara, it was time to head up to Fez, one of the oldest medieval cities in the world, with thousands of shallow and small streets, full of people and local commerce. Spending my birthday in this adventure was a smart choice and I am so glad we did it. We had a guide just for the both of us, to lead us on the depth of the medina, to visit the tanneries (which I was honestly excited to see) and learn much more about the city while we walk through it's streets.

It was exactly how I imagined it to be, and didn't disappoint me at all. All that tourist scams I read about? I totally forgot about it and just enjoyed. The guide was awesome and gave us a true Medina experience.

This is the last Morocco post. The next days we got sick, we stayed in Fez instead of visiting Chefchaouen, which got me a little upset but it can be used as an excuse to come back, right?
A HUUUUGE thank you to Nadia, the owner of the guesthouse Sanaa Rose, in Fez, where we stayed. She treated us like her own children and took really good care of us while we were sick. She was amazing and I will be forever grateful. 

So this is it. 24th November 2014, in Fez, Morocco. A very special day.

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  1. Esquece Martinha que sonho!!! Fotos lindas, sitios lindos

  2. WOW!
    Estive em Marrakech em Outubro e revivi tudo através destas fotografias. Que lindo Marta. Fiquei já, automaticamente, fã do teu blog!

  3. Fotografias espectaculares! Parece ter sido de sonhos.

  4. Excelentes fotos, uau!

  5. Estão tão boas estas fotos! Estás muito gira :)



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