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"Waterlily" for Despe&Veste

As per usual, and as a team, we gathered forces to produce the new editorial photos for the new collection of Despe&Veste! I missed working with these people, and it was also the first time working with a new makeup artist, Sara Costa MUA, who is also one of my best friends and she proved herself how a great professional she is.

We had this photoshoot at a place we were dying to work at. It's beautiful and I can imagine most of my shoots out there very soon.

So here it is: "Waterlily", a very feminine, cozy, soft and warm production.

Photography: Marta Cabral
Styling: Despe&Veste
Model: Claudia Ribeiro.
Video/media: Francisco Caro

Here is a very cute video of behind the scenes and working on set!

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