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Sponsoring home videos?

I don't know if you guys are familiarized with the YouTube "stars" like Shane Dawson, Chuck, Kassem G, people from the Station or my personal favourites, the Shaytards. If not let me handle you a brief explanation on what the are about.
These people capture on camera their lifes, their thoughts, their joys and whatsoever, and post it online. It feels like a REAL reality show, if we can call it that way.
"The Station" is a group formed by most of these people, where they produce their own videos, short clips, funny stories. Just for entertainment. It is basicly their job. They got so popular that they are actually being paid somehow, don't ask me how much and by who because I honestly don't know. It is like... they have their own entertainment show, just not on TV but on the Internet itself!

So... The ShayTards are my favourite. Shay uploads a video everyday about his life and family and he's been doing that for a whole year and he keeps doing it. He has the most amazing family ever and he is funny as hell, and he also brings out important matters, which makes the comments section a good poll to discuss diferent themes.

A few weeks ago, he uploaded a video, like he usually does, but in that one Shay, along with his family, was driving in a high-way, when there was this HUUUUGGGEEE Budweiser advertising sign. Shay just started wondering and fooling around "What if we had sponsors for the Shaytards? like... Today's episode of ShayTards is sponsored by Budweiser!"

This can be seen at 3:44, when he starts talking about it.

So what happened after he uploaded this particular video? His e-mail got full of companies wanting to sponsor his videos! How crazy yet smart can that be?
Myself, as a Marketing and Advertising student, knew that this day would come.
Sponsors in our own home videos!

This kinda shocked me in a way... but yeah, it's a good marketing strategy. Even though I don't actually agree about it that much.
So yeah, Shay and his wife ended up by accepting sponsors only IF the money they would get for it would go to their kids college fund. So it's nice. I guess... I don't know! lol
This is anoying... I know... bleh. And I'm sorry for the long e-mail but I had to write it down since it was something I kept in mind a while ago. What will be the next step in advertising and promoting something?
Advertising is everywhere, and sometimes I just hate it, and I am getting my degree about it. Ironic...

Anyways... I love the Shay Tards. If you have nothing to do, start watching their videos. It's catchy and funny and the kids are amazing. Seriously... watch it.

Here's their YouTube channel:

MommyTard is pregnant, btw.
They don't call themselfs by their own names, especially the kids.
Shay Carl is the responsible. Then there's his wife, Katilette, known as MommyTard.
Then the kids: (from older to younger)
Gavin - SonTard
Avia - PrincessTard
Emi - BabyTard


This one resumes the whole year he did the "Vlogs", and it is also my favourite all time. Take a look.

2 comentários:

  1. Yup! Eu comecei a ver e a subscrever canais destes dos mais populares no youtube após ter visto um vídeo do Shane Dawson. Era tão hilariante que subscrevi o canal, e depois fui subscrevendo os de youtubers que colaboravam com ele nos vídeos.
    Os Shaytards são como uma autêntica novela lol, também vou acompanhando.
    "internet killed television".
    Quanto à forma como eles ganham dinheiro obviamente que uma delas é o ad-sense nos vídeos, também têm parcerias com o próprio youtube e o google, e os negócios das t-shirts, e sabe-se lá que mais.
    Bem inteligente da parte deles, vão fazendo render o peixe ;P.

  2. até o ppl se fartar.essas cenas normalmente nao demoram muito tempo.desde que ganhem dinheiro para investir,só o facto de já o estarem a fazer com a faculdade dos filhos é positivo,mas se parcerias vao ao ar e eles não tem modos de se sustentar,desaparece tudo como depressa apareceu.


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