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"I am there for spring dreaming." 30 day project

It's the first time I'm doing something like this, commiting myself to something that I enjoy and keeps me busy, somehow. At first I thought about a 1 year project, but I want to take it slowly, one step at a time. Maybe I'll do it once I get my Holga lens. So I will take a picture, everyday for 30 days in a row, with my new JOCO VX5. 

I also realized that there is not many examples online of photographs using the JOCO VX5. So one of my main goals is to show people around the world it's features and what it does and how the photos come out. Like a review. 

 I called it "I am there for spring dreaming." because while I was planning this I was listening to old school Robbie Williams, the theme "Eternity", and there's this verse when he says "You were there for summer dreaming." and it just clicked! It's been years since I've been this long in my hometown, assisting Spring's first days, yeah... I am here for spring dreaming. It might not make any sense to you, but to me it's just perfect. That's it. 

So far it's been day 3, and I'm proud of it. Besides I love the vintage effect the camera offers. Oh and I must not forget to mention that with every photo I'm adding it's own soundtrack. They both fit, and produce magic. ♥ 

 Day I "Gonna rise up, turning mistakes into gold."

Day II "I fell apart, but got back up again."

Day III "Come, Enter the foreign."

P.S. I might start organizing my blog very soon. So if suddenly it looks awkward don't mind it, it means I'm re-designing it so it'll be easier to navigate.

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