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Isn't it amazing?

... When you feel good because of the positive and prosperous way your life is going? I am overwhelmed by the fact that everything is actually alright (aside from other matters that I still believe it will be fixed).
In a couple of weeks I will certainly be exposed to new experiences and learnings, and I can't wait for it. I'm talking about progressing on something I love to do, something that I should put more effort into. My photography, my hobbie, my art (if anyone even consider it).

So yes. Life is good. And I'll cut someone's head off (Medieval way) if someone tries to break down this piece of mind and relaxation I'm experiencing at this point. =)

Rock, my dog went under surgery last saturday. The recovery is slow and it looks painfull... At least he still gets happy eveytime he sees me and my family. This is when we had to put the "cone of shame" around his neck.
Besides that, he's recovering quickly, thank God. =) I love my puppy ♥

lol I just waited about 5 minutes because honestly I'm so excited I don't even know how to put it in words! But Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit are performing in the SAME DAY, at Rock in Rio Lisboa. If you are wondering why am I so freaked out about it, it's because this is high-school fantasy comming true very soon! If I'm going? I'm not even thinking about it twice! =D It will be my 4th Linkin Park show, and my 2nd Limp Bizkit show. It will be once in a lifetime, and I hope I get to take the right people with me... =)

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