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First day in Paris

Paris. The wonder city I've been dreaming of is everything I could imagine, or even better. Not even the gloomy and grey weather kept me from falling in love with it. It was four days of pure magic, spent with an important piece of my life, my boyfriend. Thank you.

As expected, I've got tons of photos and I won't be able to share all in one post. I want to show everything! It's insane. Said that, I am planning a few posts for the next days, about my trip to Paris, exploring the Eiffel Tower (obviously), the Louvre, the Notre Dame and even Versailles!

In this first post I am sharing the first 24h spent in Paris and the first impressions I had. Beautiful. 

Off we go to Paris!

Delicious breakfast at the hotel, including the famous croissants.

A Paris trip wouldn't be the same if we didn't go to the Eiffel Tower as the first "must-see". It was the coldest day from our trip. Everytime I took a picture my hands froze. Nevertheless, I love the cold and I loved the gloomy french look. (More awesome coats and scarfs on!)

Pont Alexandre III. They say it's the most beautiful bridge in Paris. I agree.

Time for Place de la Concorde, a walk down the Champs Élysées avenue, ending on top of Arc de Triomphe for the magnificent view.

Chocolate! I'm not a true chocolate lover, but these chunky bars of chocolate made me droll.

Like our trip to London two years ago, my boyfriend also wanted to visit Paris' main soccer (football for european folks) stadium. So we head over to Parc des Princes, Paris Saint-German's stadium.. It gave me great photos and I made the boyfriend happy.

To end the day we went to Louvre until our feet hurt! Louvre is gigantic and awesome, so it needs a post only for itself, not only because I've got plenty of photos but because since I am the administrator of a history based Facebook page (you can see it HERE and I will talk about it in the Louvre post) I feel like I need to share a lot with the page's fans also.

That's it for today. I hope you liked the photos as much as I did.

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  1. Adorei estas fotos :D Já tive o prazer de ir a Paris mas desejo por lá voltar :)


  2. que fotografias lindas de fazer inveja! espero que te tenhas divertido!


  3. gostei muito do blog, e as fotografias estão muito giras!


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