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I had Birthday cake in Versailles

I am a very "birthday" person. I'm that type that when the actual birthday comes I want to do something really special. I have to say that this year I had the most special and beautiful birthday of my life.

Like traveling to Paris wasn't special enough, I had the amazing opportunity to spend the day in Versailles! Words are not enough to describe the Palace and the gardens. It is said that it's the most beautifully ornamented and furnished palace in the world, and I definitely do not wonder why. Room after room, windows after window, Versailles was so worth the visit. I could only imagine Marie Antoinette wandering in the Mirror Room, or in the gardens. It's like a piece of heaven on Earth, and I believe that a few centuries ago they really wanted to keep it that way. And they did.

I want to thank the people who made it happen. Versailles wasn't at all in our plans, but it was the best decision we took. Pipas, Yacouma, Cristina, and of course my boyfriend Filipe - thank you for making a dream come true.

This is probably the most beautiful post of the blog. Enjoy the photos!

Room service: breakfast in the morning!

The Chapel where Marie Antoinette and Louis VXI of France got married.

I love this portrait of Marie Antoinette and her two eldest children: Marie Thérèse Charlotte and the Dauphin Louis Joseph, in the Petit Trianon's gardens, by the artist Adolf Ulrik Wertmuller.

The top floor of the Chapel.

Can you believe these ceilings? In every single room, the ceiling is painted meticulously.

The most famous Hall of Mirrors. I was really looking forward to spend some of my time in there. Beautiful.

The Royal bedroom. The bed still has the Marie Antoinette monogram initials (M and A) embroidered. This room is right in the middle of the Palace.

The Hall of Battles. Every great battle that France fought since its foundation was descripted in various paintings throughout this hall.

Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great.

Hugh Capet, also called Hugh the Great. The first King of the Franks.

Off to the gardens! Obviously we didn't get the chance to see it all, it's bigger than many cities. But we were lucky enough that the weather cooperate and it never rained. It was a gloomy, beautiful, dark Versailles.

To end the day perfectly, we dinned at a great restaurant, and got ourselves great french cuisine. They also managed to get all the restaurant garçons to sing Happy Birthday to me, in french! I could not keep my emotional from breaking down, and I started to cry, very happy tears. It makes me even teary even to think about it. Merci, trully.

8 comentários:

  1. Amazing photos girl!! ;) Não fui a Versailles...ja me arrependi. Mas pelo menos tenho uma desculpa para voltar.. hehe Kiss

    1. Não estava mesmo nada nos planos, mas um amigo nosso sugeriu, e como ele tinha carro então fomos. É brutal, ias fazer umas fotos lindas! =D Mas sim, também estou sempre a arranjar desculpas pra voltar.

  2. Obrigada! ♥
    As fotos estão espetaculares, adoro!

  3. Bela forma de celevrar um aniversário! Também sou apologista de fazer desse dia um dia em grande e viajar é uma das melhores formas de o fazer! :)

    1. Recomendo! Para o ano não saberei o que fazer para superar este ano hehe


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