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Louvre and its Wonders

I knew the Louvre was gigantic, but I only realized it once I was inside. It is majestic and I am so glad that I finally visited the world's biggest art and artifact collection. I seriously recommend a visit to the museum but don't forget to bring comfy shoes! You will walk, a lot.

I am the administrator of a Facebook fan page intituled Medieval and Renaissance Whispers, where I share my other passion such as Medieval and Renaissance ages, with people all over the world, history enthusiasts such as I am. As a history lover, at the Louvre I felt like I was completely at home, at my own personal space. I knew already the art pieces I wanted to see and spend sometime looking at, as unusual it may seem to many people.
Said that, I feel like I should share a post only considering the Louvre, since there was so much I want to share with the MRW's fans also, so forgive me for sharing random shots of paintings that probably won't say much to you. 

Louvre is a world.

It's sad that people tend to forget other artworks by Leonardo da Vinci, and worse, people don't realize what a genious and a visionary he was at the time. This is one of my favorites from da Vinci: "Portrait of a Woman (La Belle Ferronière)", dated 1490.

Time to visit one of the Louvres main attractions: da Vinci's "Mona Lisa", or "La Gioconda".

My boyfriend is even smarter than everyone out there. With his GoPro and it's extendible stick/ tripod he managed to reach a lot closer to the "Mona Lisa" piece. Too funny not to post.

The Paul Delarouche room was something I was eagerly expecting. I wasn't truly expecting his paintings to be this big and amazing. I was stoked and didn't want to leave that point. There's the "Death of Queen Elizabeth I" top right, it's beautiful.

And here's the "King Edward V and Duke of York", depicting the young York Princes in the Tower. Amazing masterpiece.

It might sound foolish but it feels like I was taking a picture with a celebrity. Yes, that's how it felt to me.

 And there he is, the King Edward VI, son of the King Henry VIII of England. I totally wasn't expecting this painting when I went around a corner. What a surprise!

Renaissance italian paintings always intrigue me. I love the way they paint the people's profiles, as a true portrait. The details are beautiful.

The "Venus de Milo".

This is one of my all time favourites: "Gabrilee d'Estrées and One of her Sisters". The candid gesture may be an illusion to Gabrielle's pregnancy and the birth in 1594 of César de Vendôme, the illegitimate son of Henry IV of France.

I found this room so interesting. These portraits are from members of the House of Valois (and their wives), from the french monarchy. A very glorious time and probably my personal favorite french House. 

Charles VII of France, the so called Charles the Victorious.

Francis I of France.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoy it and did not find this post (too) boring, because I know that it's not that interesting to many people. To me it's awesome!

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  1. Very beautiful pictures! I'm from France and I have never visitated the Louvre before! I have to!

    xx Céline

  2. The Louvre is magnificent place! I have amazing memories from being there!
    Very good pictures!


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