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Deserted Light

Lately I've been studying the mechanics of Editorial photography and for that I decided to try it myself. I've been more and more aware of the fashion industry lately, and discovered that we, photographers, can create beautiful stories using fashion as an accessory. 
So a few weeks ago, I gathered a professional team, willing to work with me and help me achieve this goal. I got an amazing model from the DXL Agency, Julieta Carvalho, the talented makeup artist Patricia Miranda and as for styling of course I had to count with Marta Dores, the owner of Despe&Veste, which I've been working for a year now.

There is not much I can tell you about this set, but it turned out just the way I thought it would be and my level of satisfaction raised above the average. I can't wait to show this editorial to the world! In the meantime, here's a little BTS video I did and a photo of me doing what I love the most.

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