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"This is what makes us girls" - New self-portrait

It's been a while since my last portrait, maybe a few months, and I must admit I missed it. Got inspired by Lana del Rey's 70's boho vibe, and I wanted a portrait that would transmit that. I hope I nailed it. And I wanted to try out my new LED light I got for my camera. I positioned it on the right of this photo, and the flash was pointed to the left, on a black background, so the light would not be harsh, but soft. The background color is burgundy.

As I have been doing with my last portraits, I always share a little about the Before/After of the portrait. First I always clear any skin imperfections and then dodge and burn, specially on the makeup and, in this case, the flowers to add a little more definition and depth.
After that, I added contrast and enhanced the reds of the hair, and then I blur a little bit on the edges on my head and at bottom of the photo, so the focus is right in the center. Then, I edited on Lightroom, with one of the VSCO presets, lowered the grain to 30% and added more blacks. And to finish it and add that special element, I added a little paper texture on the Photoshop pluggin Alien Skin - Exposure (NOTE: on the last photo I wrote Aperture for some reason... Sorry about that).

Here's the evolution.

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