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Croatia - Plitvice Lakes

The Plitvice Lakes... we wanted to see it so bad! But there wasn't anymore english tours so we had to take a russian tour. Imagine how fun it was! hehe The tour guy was awesome, he wasn't even supposed to translate anything to us but he was kind enough to do so. He said he wanted to practice his english skills. =D

About this magical place: It's BEAUTIFUL! I never thought it would be that gorgeous but once we got there I could only think that it was so worth the 558Kn I paid, wich is practicly 80 euros. It is beyond words, I was literally speechless. For some reason it reminded me of the Pocahontas movie, because it was so untouchable, so pure, the waters flowing... I don't know, I kept having the Pocahontas song "Just around the riverbend", because you never know what's next. When we thought it couldn't be better... Bang! Another breathtaking lake/waterfall.

We were ready to swim but when the guide told us we couldn't, it was a little disapointing, and when we got there we obviously understood why... It just had to be untouchable to keep that natural state. So it was ok.

Huge waterfalls and water so crystal clear that we could see the bottom, and I've never in my life seen a lake or a river so clear as those waters. I never thought that it could ever exist such a river or lake like that.

There was this part where we would take a ferry boat to go to another side, and literally it was silent. People didn't say a word because it was so unrealistic that everyone was amazed by it. It was even emotional, no joke. But I'm such a sugar heart, I melt with anything beautiful and romantic and whatsoever lol.

The only thing that screwed things up for me was that my battery died! And I forgot the other charged one at home! How can that be possible?! So for 5-10 minutes I was really upset, I wanted to punch everyone in the face! It was almost in the end but whatever, I wanted it to last the whole thing. I learned my lesson...

Ok enough with the talk... here's the photos.

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