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London - Hampton Court

If anyone is learning about the Tudor age, or if is fascinated with the stories and Henry VIII's life, this is the place to go. This is the Tudor house  that everyone should visit, and it's still very conserved and loyal to that particular age.
There is so many things I have to say about it, it teached me so much! Everything is spotless... the rooms, the tapestries, the windows, the magnificient royal chapel, the paintings (wow!) and even the kitchens!

There was also a more recent part of, where is William III and Mary II's apartments... But I wasn't really interested, since this is a Tudor House, not a Stuat, or Hanover House (even though it has a Stuart/Hanover part but I don't really care). We explored just the part were the paintings were, and a great staircase just to take a glimpse at the art of the time, but that was it. Maybe next time hehe

This is me, my cousin and her family. They live in England, in Sulfolk, and they were supposed to pick us up in London to go to their house, so they wanted to see the Hampton Court with us.

This was and elaborate wine fountain, that re-creates one made for Henry VIII, in 1520.

 Seriously... I couldn't get enough of this red brick majestic place.

 This was the Great Hall. It was used everyday as the staff canteen for the lower ranks of Henry's court. Is is also the largest room in the palace. The tapestries were which line the walls today were commissioned bu Henry himself, and it was worth millions of pounds back then.
The Great Hall played host to dance and drama after every meal, being the heart of the Hampton Court and the circle of gossip between the court people and the King's favourites.

A photographic project, displayed in a room at Hampton Court, portraing the 6 wifes of Henry VIII. What a cool project! 

One of Anne Boleyn's original stone arms - the Falcon.

The most known portrait of Henry VIII, by Holbein.

I've got a thing for palaces' windows. I don't know if anyone noticed it yet.

 This painting shows Henry, his third wife Jane Seymour at his side and his children Mary (left), Edward and Elizabeth (right). It was probably painted towards the end of Henry's reign as it makes a dynastic statement about Henry's intended legacy. Edward was the heir to the throne and he is shown next to Henry with his mother Jane, who had, in reality, died soon after his birth.

Henry's children: Prince Edward and Princess Elizabeth

 This is a new garden, which has been created at Hampton Court Palace to commemorate the 500th anniversary of King Henry VIII’s accession to the throne in 1509.

Planted with flowers and herbs that were available in 16th century England it also includes the heraldic beasts that were used by the King to represent his lineage and reinforce his claim to the throne.

There goes Henry VIII! I was amaaaazed when I realized that actors were reencarnating that period's people, with the king himself included. So people were gazling at the paitings, at some corridor... when all the sudden, someone woud shout "Make way for the King!", so that Henry could pass right through us, and we had to do the cortesy! It was fun. And then there would be some acts, and that day was the day that Henry announced to his court that he would divorce Katherine of Aragon to take Anne Boleyn instead. It was quite like the real story, it felt like those times. "God save the King!" 

 The gardens were beautiful, beyond words.

And that was all from London... unfortunatly. In a future I will definetly go back to these palaces, and enjoy the wonders and the energy once more. Many people do not understand this desire that I've got to and want to go back... It's almost the same as watching your favourite band's concert and you know you want to see it again. I get criticized, even mocked at sometimes because of this passion of mine, witch is the British monarchy and the history behind it. I can't explain, I just feel like it. So yes, I will go back to London, and if I get a little more courage who knows if I will ever live there. It's the place that makes me happy, sometimes I even feel like it's home. Weird, I know. But I still got elsewhere to travel, I still got a lot of things I want see, and if I could I would be nothing but a world traveler.
So in the meantime... I'm happy where I stand.

It was a great experience, and to get a change to share it with my loving boyfriend was even better. Thank you. 

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